Here’s what organizations are saying about CultureEd Collective.


Here’s what organizations are saying about CultureEd Collective.

Working with CultureED Collective, and specifically with Jacinta and Kori over the past year or so has been a highlight of my professional career. Not only have they helped to transform our community with their incredible expertise and support around Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, they have started us down a beautiful path of no return, as ASP engages and commits to this important and essential work. I have never worked with consultants as empathetic, understanding, and willing to lead by example, while truly listening and seeing what we need as a school as who we are as a community…partnering with Culture ED Collective has been a magical experience for all of us, and we are all better people, educators, and leaders as a result. The level of positive impact that they have had on ASP in such a short period of time is staggering, and I literally cannot wait to develop and deepen our relationship.

Daniel Kerr, Director of Lower School

The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain

Now more than ever, school culture is being defined by its focus on civic efficacy. School leaders are scrambling to define what it looks like to actualize their school’s mission, vision, core beliefs, and diversity statement. For Dawson, the partnership with CultureEd Collective was an instrumental step in the comprehensive process of organizational introspection. Kori and Jacinta helped us think critically about our best path forward, and as a result, we suspended the urge to hire a Director of Diversity who could shoulder the all-encompassing responsibility of leading our organization in DEI initiatives. Instead, Kori and Jacinta facilitated employee listening circles that helped us see our unique areas for growth and develop a specific action plan that would address our differentiated needs. This included a remodel of our leadership structure that would focus less on a traditional pyramid structure and more on the collaboration of diverse perspectives and voices. Our year-long work with CultureEd Collective resulted in the leveraging of diverse expertise across the campus and an increase in feedback loops across all constituency groups.Many times, consultants approach their work from a one-size-fits-all action plan for achieving success. CultureEd Collective listened intently and took the time to understand us. They asked the right questions and led our teams through scaffolded activities that allowed us to process and prioritize survey results. After our meetings, our faculty and administrators felt like they had visited the eye doctor and could more clearly see our path for living our diversity statement.

Roxanne Stansbury, Head of School

Working with CultureEd Collective has been a bright spot for us in 2020. They quickly caught on to our organization’s culture and built trust with my team quickly. This is super important for us as our organization truly moves at the speed of trust. They facilitated two hiring processes for us under tight timelines with project clarity that I’ve rarely seen. It’s like they knew exactly what to do to minimize the amount of effort and time we’d have to put in. Even more, they listened to our feedback and immediately made improvements to processes that were already great, making those processes excellent. I’ll be recommending everybody I know to CultureEd Collective for hiring needs even if they aren’t asking for it :).

Dr. William P. Jackson, Executive Director

Working with CultureEd Collective has been one of the most rewarding and complete experiences in my professional life. Kori and Jacinta were such incredible collaborators. They were clear about what they wanted, while still giving me the space to work freely and let my creativity fly. In our discovery session, they shared their goals, hopes, and dreams for CultureEd Collective, and I could tell they truly cared about their future clients. This nurturing mindset influenced the way we worked together, too. With their warm and collaborative approach, they inspired me to want to give more, making it a fulfilling experience for everyone. In terms of feedback, they were great about giving thoughtful, comprehensive notes within the time requested. I truly felt like we were partners in creating their brand identity together. At the end of our engagement, we created a brand identity that we are truly proud of. I hope to someday work with CultureEd Collective again!

Aireen Arellano, founder / ceo / creative director

Working with CultureEd Collective was a transformative experience for Atlanta Track Club in setting the foundation for us to continue to engage in DEI work. Jacinta and Kori conducted a Culture Audit and took what they learned from us to create and facilitate a series of six learning sessions for our staff based on our needs. I appreciate the time they took to not only learn about our organizational culture, but also to get to know and understand the individuals that make up our community. Jacinta and Kori have the unique ability to create a learning space that allows for vulnerability and is free of judgment, while still challenging us to think critically. Beyond being incredible facilitators, they were exceptional collaborators as they listened to our feedback and made adjustments throughout our partnership to create workshops that met us where we were at. For any organization looking to understand what is empowering or hindering their culture, and are seeking a way to learn and grow together, I could not more highly recommend working with CultureEd Collective.

Madison Hafitz, DEI Committee Lead